Thursday, July 2, 2015

What become of Power Rip® ? < Vol. II>

We are learning more and more about how Power Rip is used in various ways!

Today we are going to introduce another three styles of what Power Rip becomes of.

1. Remote-controlling miniature Yacht

This is a very original purpose of what Power Rip is made of, and it is very nice to know that Power Rip comes in a compact size of actual yacht too!

The customer commented with a great satisfaction that the fabric's thinness, lightness, strength, air-tightness, water-proof and easily handled nature fit perfectly to his expectations.

2. Patient-transferring sheet in a hospital

We have been contacted by a couple of hospitals for Power Rip.

Curious, we asked how Power Rip will be used in a hospital, the customer told us that this Power Rip is just perfect for transferring or changing positions of patients.

We learned that the fabric's nature, that it is very light and strong, and the surface slippery, can be made a wonderful tool to transfer patients and changing their positions, especially big structured patients.

We have seen a great potential of Power Rip !

3. SABANI sailcloth

Recently we received orders of Power Rip from a couple of customers in Japan, to be used as a sailcloth of `SAPANI`.

`SABANI`, we then learned, is a general name for an ancient fishing boat used in Okinawa in the past. It was also a very important commune system for people of Okinawa, transporting from one island to he other every day.

That `SABANI`, now not in use anymore, taken over by a modern type equipped with an engine, has made its come-back in The SABANI Sailing Race in 2000 with the opening of Okinawa Summint.

Since then more than five hundred people are involved and preparing around forty SABANI boats ever year!
Our customer sent us pictures of the SABANI Sailing Race made with Power Rip!!

The SABANI Sailing Race official site

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FAQ: Power Rip / ICAREX ?

Our customers from overseas contact us for our fabrics by the name ' ICAREX '.

When receiving orders, we explain to the customers that our Power Rip, although made of polyester too and very similar, is not the same.

So far, we have heard that the customers are happy and satisfied with Power Rip.

Then, we found out that ICAREX is the same polyester rip-stop fabric as light-weighted as Power Rip, however, it is not in production anymore.

 We hope to be reaching out to those who are in search for ultra-light polyester rip-stop fabric just like ICAREX!

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Friday, June 12, 2015

FAQ: How Power Rip® Can Be Best Treated?

We would like to introduce some frequently-asked-questions about Power Rip®.

Power Rip would be sold only to the major yacht manufacturers of Japan, professionals in cutting, sewing and assembling fabrics which are not very easy to handle. 

Since we began selling the fabric to individual customers, some questions, we hadn't had to know the answers, started to flow in. 
Then, with great help of our long-term regular customers, little by little, we learnt about how to handle the fabrics after the fabrics left our hands.

Recently we were asked about what are the best way to sew Power Rip.

One of our regular customers, handling Power Rip, gave us tips!

Sewing yarn thickness : 60~75 dTex

Needle thickness : 0.66~0.76 mm (diameter)

Adhesive material : double-face tape 

Sewing  : zigzag stitch 

Apparently, double-face tape can be a useful material when used in reinforcement of spots.

One of our customer make bags out of Power Rip, and double-face tape is used to layer Power Rip to add strength to the areas such as lace holes and bottoms.

Because of the nature of the fabric, Power Rip can be a little tricky when sewing.

Above information is one we received from a credible source with a long experience handling Power Rip.

So we are hoping this will help some of our customers in creating an original art piece!

We would also like to explain the nature of Power Rip and what it does when treated undesirably. 

Power Rip is resin-coated.
The coating material, resin, can transfer color pigments freely. 

That means the color pigments in the polyester fabric can be moved out from the fabric through the resin coat, and it can color the surface attached to the fabric.

Hence, we wouldn't recommend the fabric be used in a way it attached to body surface, unless the fabric is layered with different fabric to prevent color staining, although we have a regular customer who produce very nice bags with this fabric...!

We appreciate greatly for your comment and questions, so please feel  free to drop a line for us!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What become of Power Rip® ? ~Our customer use it in a various ways! ~

This time, we would like to introduce what our customers make out of the Power Rip®.

Although this fabric was originally made to be used as a perfect spinnaker cloth, it turned out to be very suitable a fabric in a variety of way, not only for a outdoor sports goods.

The most often heard use is as a fabric for a free flight aircraft.

Free flight aircraft is a type of a model aviation which is free of external control, such as by radio.

The wing part is made with fabrics and supporting frames. 

Since the free flight's sole object is a duration of flying time, an aircraft needs to be designed and crafted in a way it can stay in the air longer.

One of the crucial aspect is a weight of an aircraft.

Power Rip® weighs ultra light when compared to similar type of rip stop fabrics. Power Rip® T6016 weighs 33 g/sqm and Power Rip® T7017 39 g/sqm.

(Most of rip stop fabrics sold now is 40g or more per square meter.)

Moreover, Power Rip® is made of polyester yarns, which gives great advantages in outdoor fabrics. Polyester is highly durable to ultra-violet light ( from Sun light) and it doesn't stretch or shrunk when contacted with water and it is resistant to abrasion, whereas nylon (most rip stop fabrics are made of nylon) are more easily damaged by these factors.

We often heard requests, from customers, for more varieties in colors.

 Free flight aircraft are flown in a far distance, that they need to stand out and distinguishable in the sky. 

Power Rip® T6016                                      Power Rip® T7017

So, we have made more colors in our stock.

For T6016, we added some fluorescent colors too!

(fluorescent yellow, orange and green )

Another use of Power Rip® we hear quite often from our customers is for a sport kite.

Sport kite is a kite controlled by people's hand through lines attached to a kite. The competition can be exampled in that of figure skating: a kite 'ballet' in the sky dancing to music, by one flyer or by a team of flyers.

In sport kites, use of Power Rip® is a great advantage just in the same way in free flight aircraft.

A very interesting use of Power Rip® is making of a balloon light by our regular, long-term customer in Japan. This customer company makes a balloon light for a construction site.

Because Power Rip® is very thin and strong, it can transmit light quite well while maintaining its durability. 

Power Rip® is made of polyester which can be melted by heat, that we don't recommend to use it as a light shade. 

However, this balloon is puffed up with air constantly flowing into the balloon, that there is little risk the fabric is touching a light bulb then be heated up.

Recently use of LED light has become very common, and Power Rip® can be used with lightening facilities since LED does not transmit heat.

With the innovation of LED light,
there will be a lot more chances 
for Power Rip® to debut in the art world !

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

D-TEX starts Blogger!! ~What is D-TEX?~

Hello !  Welcome to D-TEX blog site !

Here on D-TEX blog, we will be explaining What is D-TEX ? and something more about our products, which are often asked about.

First of all, D-TEX is a website through which you can purchase our Power Rip®, a specific type of fabrics we sell.

Power Rip® is a super-light polyester fabric. 
It was produced originally for a spinnaker of yachts, so the fabric is very light while performing a great resistance to tensions in different directions. 

The fabrics possess advantageous properties as outdoor sport material: Great resistances to ultra-violet ray, to water, to abrasion and to tearing. 

These properties come from its unique structure and the material of polyester.

Most of the similar-type fabrics in the markets are made of nylon, which perform less resistance to sunlight or water.  

In such a way, Power Rip® is made very original and unique and perfect for certain outdoor sports material.

Our regular customers are big  manufactures of yacht and sailing boat of Japan.

Power Rip®, although made so perfectly for yacht's spinnaker, are used in many different ways nowadays.

Many of our customers from abroad use Power Rip® for kite surfing. People create a kite, a sports kite to kite surf.

People also use Power Rip® to make airplane models for free flight competitions. 

Some others make a light shade, bags, light balloons.

We would like to introduce how Power Rip® can be used in various ways in coming blogs!

Until very recently, we were not selling Power Rip® to individual customers openly. Now, thanks to many requests from individual customers, we have opened D-TEX site through which you can contact us and ask questions, make requests and order. 

We also offer samples of the fabrics for free if requested ( we charge shipping fee for its shipment ). If you are interested in the fabric and would like to touch what it is like, please contact us through the D-TEX site.

The products are sold either by 10m roll or by 100m roll. However, with a request we can sell the fabric in different lengths, like 2m, 6m, 16m etc. ( In such cases additional charges will apply.) 
Please feel free to send your specific requests through 'contact form' on D-TEX. We will try our best to answer to your requests.

Power Rip® is a registered trademark of Teijin, and D-TEX is the only site selling this Power Rip® in the world. 
We are located in Fukui prefecture, JAPAN, managing inventory of Power Rip®. Cutting, rolling-up and packaging of the fabrics are all done, with a great care by hand, in this location. 

  Come visit our D-TEX site !!

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